Race to Victory 2 is the 6th Avicus tournament with same name as Race to Victory. It was held from July 22 to August 6, 2017.

T6 rules can be found here

Gamemode and Format Edit

The gamemode for this tournament is Capture The Wool. The group stage consisted of 2 groups of 5/6 teams. Each team versed every other team in their assigned group. After the group stage, the top 3 teams from each group moved on to the single-elimination final stage, with the 1st seed in each group receiving a direct spot to the semi-finals. Group Stage matches were Best of 1 and Final Stage was Best of 3.

Map Pool Edit

The map pool of Race to Victory II consists of seven Capture The Wool maps, which are as follows:

  • Coral Reef 2 (by GoldenOre)
  • Forestry (by Fouled)
  • Hedge (by Fouled)
  • Prysalus (by ULTIMATE7FALCON and Hoodovah)
  • Rendezvous CTW (by ParaPenguin, ViceWatercolour and Fouled)
  • Sea Port (by Fouled)
  • Sub Urban Remastered (by Fouled, Xuph and imryaan)

Team Information Edit

The requirements to register the team in was a minimum of 12 members and a maximum of 18 members per team, alts couldn't be used to meet the team requirements. A team had to have at least 6 members per team with a maximum of 8 on the actual match day. If teams couldn't get 6 players on, they would be disqualified. All members playing had to use the tournament discord.

From the 10 teams played in the group stages, 6 advanced onto a single elimination invitational, where the winner was decided.

Registered teams: Edit

  • Apollo
  • Celestial
  • Crede
  • Cacalmarin
  • Horizon
  • Jalapenos
  • PureDogs
  • Team Allah
  • Team Rocket
  • SquadCatt

Dates and Times Edit

Tournament Announcement: June 17th

Registration Opens: June 20th

Registration Closes: July 4th

Map Pool Release: June 28th

Group stages: July 22nd (Group A) and July 29th (Group B)

  • Group A: Check-in: Saturday 22nd, 4:30pm BST; Start-Time: Saturday 22nd, 5pm BST
  • Group B: Check-in: Saturday 29th, 4:30pm BST; Start-Time: Saturday 29th, 5pm BST

Finals (Check-In is at 11:30am Both Days):

  • Saturday, August 5th: 5pm BST - Quarter Finals (Round 1); 7:15pm BST (Approximately) - Semi-Finals
  • Sunday, August 6th: 5pm BST - 3rd Place; 7:15pm BST (Approximately) - Finals

Winners Edit

1st Place: Horizon

2nd Place: Teamlas

3rd Place: Team Rocket

Prizes for all winners were special ranks.

All results: qualifiers and invitationals.