Project Redemption is the forth Avicus tournament. It was held in December of 2016, from 3 to 10 (postponed for a week).

Rules for T4 are here

Gamemode and Format Edit

This tournament gamemodes were Capture the Wool and Destroy the Monument. T4 had two rounds - the qualifiers and the invitationals. Avicus accepted every team that registers, up until the last even numbered team. There were two groups, where if it got 6 teams, each team played 5 games with each other. 4 (2 from group A and 2 from B) teams was accepted in to the invitationals, for a Best of 3 Semi Final and Final.

A single match will take 45 minutes, leaving 1 hour per match slot.

Map Pool Edit

DTM maps: Edit

  • 1. Static (made by Jiveh, edited by Fouled, Legoche, Tazz)
  • 3. Rendezvous Champions (made by ParaPenguin, Spidercell, edited by Fouled, Legoche, Tazz)
  • 5. Outbreak (made by Xuph, roadmanryan)

CTW maps: Edit

  • 2. Hold Fast (made by Fouled)
  • 4. Boolean CTW (made by Spidercell, edited by Fouled, Legoche, Xuph, roadmanryan, Spoookeh)
  •  ?. Vendetta

In the qualifiers, all matches had a set map set to each match, which was announced with the map pool.

In the invitationals, there was a veto system. The lower seeded team (for example, Group A #1 VS Group B #2, Group B #2 banned a map first. Group A #1 then banned a map. Group B #2 picked the first map. Group A #1 then picked a map, and the last map was picked by a randomiser from the designated referee.

Team Information Edit

One team may not have less than 10 players registered, and no more than 18. All matches was 8v8. Teams needed at least 6 players to participate in a match - if they haven't 6 when the match was scheduled to start, they would be disqualified.

Time Slots Edit

Once teams were announced, each team had a team leader send an email to, stating whether they would like to play on time slot 1 (Check In: 2:30PM GMT, matches: 3PM GMT) or time slot 2 (Check In: 7:30PM GMT, matches: 8PM GMT ). If staff didn't receive an email, they put team in to whichever time slot had space. It was a first come, first serve basis, so if it got more than half for one, the last received email would be put in to the other time slot.

Registration Edit

Team leaders had to decide on a maximum of 18 players to register for the tournament. When registration opened, the team leaders selected 18 (or less) members of their choice to play in the tournament. Each player had to confirm their own participation by pressing the accept button in their alerts. Team could register at the tournaments page when registration was opened. Team registration has closed on November 20, 2016 at 11PM GMT.

Registered teams: Edit

  • Apollo
  • Cacalmarin
  • Cennet
  • Cronus
  • Jalapenos
  • HOME
  • labradoodles
  • Sagrevyum
  • Space Deepers
  • Team Allah
  • Team Rocket
  • Twix

Dates and Times Edit

Tournament Announcement: 12th of November

Registration Opened: 13th of November

Maps Announced: 19th of November

Registration Closed: 19th of November

Teams Announced: 20th of November

Matchups Announced: 24th of November

Group Stages: 3rd of December

Invitationals: 10rd of December

Winners Edit

  1. Team Allah
  2. Sagrevyum
  3. Apollo

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