Diamond Sword

Old symbol of Nebula

Nebula was the most popular minigame on Avicus. It is a PvP based game with several gamemodes. Building and crafting is allowed. Nebula currently had the highest amount of maps, than any other minigame, not including those, which were removed and deleted. It supported DTM (Destroy the Monument), Capture the Wool (CTW) and TDM (Team Deathmatch) gamemodes.

But now they are separated on different servers and they are not treated as one minigame.



Destroy the Monument (DTM) Edit

This is the most common gamemode found in Nebula. Two teams faced against each other on a map should destroy all enemy's monuments (obsidian blocks). 


Capture the wool (CTW) Edit

There two teams should capture the opposing team's wool (1-3 blocks), which is stored in save room on other side, and place it on special wool monument near spawn. The winner is the team, which first get all wool blocks.


Team Death Match (TDM) Edit

TDM is very similar to Nexus, the only difference being the amount of time on a map and abilityto break blocks, th reason why it was in the Nebula. The team with the most kills at the end of the match or with 100 kills wins.


  • Bridge the monuments together before you destroy, so you'll get them faster compared to the other team.
  • If playing defense, DON'T COVER your monument with wood or other blocks, the other team will sneak right in.
  • Do not leave your team's armour in chests, as it is almost guaranteed that someone on the enemy team will put it on. Just throw it out, it is a remove drop.
  • Building a staircase with stairs is an efficient way to get above the other team.
  • On maps with cobwebs (Rendezvous, Senex 3...) landing in it near the monuments can break your fall from up high.
  • Avoid diamond armor opponents when you don't have any, they will farm you for XP.

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