Destroy The Monument (DTM)Edit


There two or four teams should break the opposing team's obsidian monument(s). The monument can be of varying sizes but they are usually 1 block of obsidian. Each team can have from one to five monuments on their side. The winner is the team, which first destroys all monuments.

This gamemode, as well as CTW and TDM, was a part of Nebula.

Destroy The Core (DTC) Edit

Pretty the same, as DTM, but there is Core instead of monument. It is made of osidian shell with lava inside.

May be found on Destroy server.

Capture The Wool (CTW) Edit


There two teams should capture the opposing team's wool (1-3 colors), which is in save rooms on their side, and place it in special holes near spawn. The winner is the team, which first got all wool blocks.

May be found on Capture server.

Team Deathmatch (TDM) Edit

Diamond Sword
There two or four teams should fight with each other. Match may continue 5-15 minutes or while one team reachs 100 points. Otherwise, the winner is the team, which had more kill points, than another.

May be found on Coquest server.

Nexus Edit

Iron Sword
Nexus is an TDM gamemode, but there are several classes (kits), which player can choose. Everyone has different weapons, armor, and abilities. Two or four teams compete to gain 100 kill points or just more than other team at the match end (usually 10 minutes).

This gamemode was originally a part of MCZone, the predecessor of Avicus Network. It was removed but community feedback ultimately brought it back in the Avicore Update and again after Atlas.

May be found on Conquest server.

King of The Hill (KoTH) Edit


New gamemode, which replaced removed Control The Hill. Team should capture and hold small place(s), then it gives you points. The winner is team, which captured all hills or collected more points for holding hills.

May be found on Conquest server.

Capture The Flag (CTF) Edit


New gamemode, very close to Capture The Wool one. Team should capture the other team's flag and bring it to their base. Which one captures three flags faster, that one wins. If player, who brings the flag, dies, flag stays on the same place.

May be found on Capture server.

Walls Edit

The Walls is a team based PvP gamemode. 4 teams of up to 5 players each spend about 15 minutes gathering resources and making weapons and armor. Once time runs out, the walls drop, allowing other teams to access enemy territory, fight against one another, and find the loot at the center of the map. A team is eliminated if they have no players remaining. The last team standing is declared victorius. Before game start you may choose a kit (they all are opened)

May be found on Walls server.

Abolished minigames Edit

Arcade Edit

Old Avicus gamemode, came back on Christmas 2016. It includes Minotaur, Ghost Squadron, Red Alert, Parkour, Spleef and new one - Lanes. The point of Arcade is a quick game, the goal is to kill and survive longer then others.

These gamemodes are still in development

Frenzy Edit

New gamemode, has come with Atlas, that is a continuation of old MCZone's OiTN (One in The Nebula). And in this one developers crossover Elimination (limited lives) with other signature gamemode. Today Frenzy includes the following (everything with limited lives):

  • One hit kill
  • Classic deathmatch
  • Free for all
Frenzy was closed in December, 2016 with SkyWars.

SkyWars Edit

The newest gamemode, which came to Avicus two months later Atlas Update. Now it is removed. There player spawns on one of 8 islands of void-built map. Winner is the last standing alive. Usually map has also middle and frontline islands. Supply chests may be found across the map.

Survival Games Edit

The aim of this minigame is to kill every other player on the map, using weapons, armor and other stuff, that you can find in chests scattered across the map.

Removed from server before Atlas Update.

Control The Hill Edit


Often abbriviated to CTH. This gamemode consists of 4 teams fighting one another for the control of the "Hill", a special, designated spot on the map. Every once in the while, the Hill will reward points to players standing on it; 10 points to each player. The key is having more teammates stand on the hill so that a large amount of points will go to your total count. Each map has a certain point limit that will declare the team victorious for being the first to reach said amount.

Players are free to choose a "class" before the game's start, and players may switch classes whenever they see fit. They'll recieve their new class items when they respawn.

Avicade Edit

Avicade is an arcade style gamemode consisting of 4 small, quick sub-gamemodes: One in the Chamber, Minotaur, Red Alert, and Snake. Each of these minigames are meant to go at a fast, arcade style pace.

Elimination Edit

Elimination has players killing one another in order to become the lone survivor. The gamemode supports a minimum of 8 players, and a maximum of 24. Players may choose a kit before they are given 2 minutes to gather resources. During this "grace-period", players cannot damage each other and cannot recieve damage from falling or hostile monsters. After the two minute grace period, PvP is ON, and players no longer have invincibility. "Chests" may spawn around the map, but they're sometimes empty.  "Chests" may appear as an anvil, cauldron, or a regular chest.

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