Destroy The Monument or just DTM (Capture The Monument in the past) is one of the oldest MCZone minigame, previosly a part of Nebula. Today DTM is the most popular and playable minigame on Avicus. There player can build and craft.

Gameplay Edit

The point of this minigame is to destroy the opposing team's obsidian monuments faster, than other team (1-5 monuments). To destroy it, player gets diamond pickaxe and other supplies to fight and build. DTM supports two and four teams maps (Mute City series). After Atlas update monument may be of varying sizes and blocks (complex monument from wool on Fort Aqua) but it usually is 1 block of obsidian.

Tips Edit

  • When you defend, never cover your monument with wood or other blocks, cause enemies can sneak right in.
  • Break all extra decoration around the monument.
  • Don't use water in your defence. Enemies can jump there with no damage.
  • Building a staircase and skybridges is an efficient way to get above the other team's monument.
  • Dig tunnels to other team side to get there insensibly.
  • Cover yourself with wood, when breaking the monument

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