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is the 5th Avicus tournament.

It was held from April 29 to May 7, 2017.

T4 rules can be found here

Gamemode and Format Edit

CTF and 5CP/KoTH were gamemodes for this tournament. The tournament was a swiss-style tournament for the group stages, and double elimination for the invitationals. 4 teams at minimum and 8 teams at maximum would be accepted into the invitationals, depends on the number of teams accepted. Both during the group stages and the invitationals games were Bo5. A single match run until completion or 12 minutes maximum, leaving 45 minutes per round slot.

Map Pool Edit

The Map Pool was announced and finalised on the 8th of April.

5CP (5 Control Points) maps: Edit

  • Powerhouse (made by Fouled and ALM)
  • Foundry (made by NixaniaXi)

KoTH maps: Edit

  • Draxel (made by Fouled and Claf)
  • Heat (made by seuthy, Xuph, and imryaan)

CTF maps: Edit

  • Alpine (made by dev_revs, Flaan, Leyre, and profbananaslug)

In the qualifiers, all rounds had a set map set to each match, which was announced with the teams being announced. There were 5 maps in the tournament:

Team Information Edit

One team may not have less than 12 players registered, and no more than 18. All matches was 8v8. Teams needed at least 6 players to participate in a match - if they hadn't 6 when the match is scheduled to start, they would be disqualified.

Registered teams: Edit

  • Apollo
  • Criptos
  • Fade
  • Fussion
  • HeartClaw
  • HOME
  • Horizon
  • NewDawn
  • LosPutosAmos
  • PureDogs
  • Sagrevyum
  • SquadCatt
  • Team Allah
  • Team Liquid
  • Team Rocket
  • Xenarch

For this tournament, Officials decided to use Discord instead of Teamspeak. This is mainly due to teamspeak going down in previous tournaments.

Dates and Times Edit

Tournament Announcement: 2nd of April

Registration Opens: 8th of April

Maps Announced: 8th of April

Registration Closes: 15th of April

Teams Announced: 15th of April

Matchups Announced: 22nd of April

Group Stages: 29th and 30th of April

Invitationals: 6th/7th of May

6 rounds of Swiss Elimination, which were played on Group stages at the times listed below:

Round 1: Saturday 29th, 16:00.

Round 2: Saturday 29th, 18:00.

Round 3: Saturday 29th, 20:00.

Round 4: Sunday 30th, 16:00.

Round 5: Sunday 30th, 18:00.

Round 6: Sunday 30th, 20:00.

All times listed above are in UTC.

Winners and Prizes Edit

1st Place: PureDogs

2nd Place: Team Allah

3rd Place: Horizon

For 5th tournament, the Officials had decided to use the method of crowdfunding in order to raise money for a better prize pool. More than 160$ were donated.

All results: qualifieres and invitationals.

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