Capture The Flag or just CTF is a new Avicus mingame. It has come with Atlas in August 28, 2016.

First attempts to bring it to the server was a CTF map Boolean. There you should go to opposite side to the special place, where game gives you a wool block automatically. Then you bring and place it on your team wool monument. In Capture The Wool you should take a wool block in the wool room in the chest.

Gameplay Edit


Dropped flag

Here Team should capture three other team's flag (colored banner) and bring it to the special place on his team's base. Usually it is the same point where the team flag spawns. When player takes, loses or captures, it will be showed in the chat. When player dies with flag, it will stay on place of his death.

There always is high colored moving helix over the flag, so players will know, where it is on the map. Flag is displayed over player head, while taken.

Tips Edit

  • To take the flag, click on it with right mouse button.
  • Try to avoid enemies, while you are carring the flag, cause you don't get any buffs. By the way, you still can shoot and fight.
  • Defend your own flag and paths leading to it.
  • Protect the player who is carrying the flag.