Avicus League was one of server's tournaments and had only Season 1 - the last one. It was held from November 28 to January 23, 2015-2016.

League rules can be found here

Gamemodes and Format Edit

This tournament included three main Avicus gamemodes: Destroy the Monument, Capture the Wool and Team Death Match.

Map pool Edit

CTW Edit

DTM Edit

TDM Edit

  • Actrix TE
  • Sentry
  • Supply TDM ?

Team information Edit

Any team was able to join as long as they registered a minimum of 12 players and a maximum of 16. A maximum of 8 amount of players could play at one given time. They registered the same as TOC and RFV. There was no limit on the amount of teams.

Registered teams Edit

  • Apollo
  • Assassins
  • Bad Company
  • Cacalmarin
  • Cronus
  • Ethernal Cross
  • JardinerosTeam
  • Kaldorei
  • Power Puff Boys
  • Qui Dizii
  • Reclaimers
  • The Chubu Team
  • The Crazy Beaners

Dates Edit

  • Announcement: 16th of November
  • Registration Opened: 17th of November
  • Registration Closed: 22nd of November
  • Map Pool Announced: 20th of November
  • Fixtures Announced: 23rd of November
  • Times Announced: 24th of November
  • Maps Played on the First Fixtures Announced: 26th of November

Matches Edit

November 28, December 5, 12, 19. After the 4th week (Dec 19) the roster repair week happened so it was open from the 20th of December 2015 until the 4th of January 2016. The next matches was played on January 9, 16 and 23.

Winners Edit

1st Place: JardinerosTeam (36 points)

2nd Place: TheCrazyBeaners (33 points)

3rd Place: Apollo (30 points)

Prizes for all winners were special ranks.